What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

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During routine general dentistry examinations, your dentist may look for signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer refers to cancers in the tongue, mouth, lips, jaw, and throat. Many Lone Tree dental patients don’t realize the seriousness of oral cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 39,000 people will get oral cancer this year.1 Consider […]

When It’s Better Not To Brush

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Cuts heal. Bruises fade. Broken bones mend. The body’s ability to heal itself is truly amazing. But tooth enamel is different. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Though thin and partially translucent, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body and has the critical job of protecting teeth from constant use and the continual assault […]

Avoid Sports Dental Emergencies: Protect Those Teeth!

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It is estimated that over 5 million teeth are knocked out yearly and a significant portion of these dental traumas occur on the playing field or court. Each dislodged tooth requires several trips to the dentist and hundreds of dollars in restoration expenses. Not to mention pain! I’m Drs. Drs. Almeida & Bell of Almeida […]

Oral Rinses: An Extra Measure Of Tooth Protection For Lone Tree Kids

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Hello, we’re Drs. Almeida & Bell of Almeida & Bell Dental Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry . Lone Tree parents usually know the basics on children’s oral health: limit sugar, make sure they brush and floss regularly, take them to the dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings, discourage between-meal snacking, see that they get enough calcium and Vitamin D, etc. Many Colorado parents also give their kids fluoride supplements if their municipal water supply has an inadequate level of fluoride.

Is there anything else a concerned parent can do to promote children’s oral health? Yes! Have children use an oral rinse that contains fluoride.

Dental Sealants

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Dental sealants protect teeth that have no decay (primary prevention) and also prevent further decay progression in teeth that show very early signs of disease (secondary prevention).

Lone Tree, CO Residents Visit the Dentist

Lone Tree, CO Residents Visit the Dentist

Whether you have lived in CO for a long time, or just moving in to the Lone Tree area; taking care of your teeth eventually involves a visit to the dentist. We are Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry located at 8683 East Lincoln Avenut, Suite 200 in Lone Tree, CO, and our specialty is cosmetic dentistry. You can reach Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry by calling 303-858-9000.