What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

Lone Tree oral cancer screening

During routine general dentistry examinations, your dentist may look for signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer refers to cancers in the tongue, mouth, lips, jaw, and throat. Many Lone Tree dental patients don’t realize the seriousness of oral cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 39,000 people will get oral cancer this year.1 Consider […]

Avoid Sports Dental Emergencies: Protect Those Teeth!

sports dentistry Lone Tree

It is estimated that over 5 million teeth are knocked out yearly and a significant portion of these dental traumas occur on the playing field or court. Each dislodged tooth requires several trips to the dentist and hundreds of dollars in restoration expenses. Not to mention pain! I’m Drs. Drs. Almeida & Bell of Almeida […]

6 Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures For Dental Implants

Implant dentures Lone Tree

For thousands of years, dentures have been allowing people to chew foods harder than mashed bananas and flash some teeth when they smile. However, Lone Tree denture wearers know how unstable, irritating, embarrassing, and inconvenient they can be. Today, Denver dental patients with missing teeth are fortunate to have a tooth replacement choice that is […]

Saving Teeth in Lone Tree

Root Canals in Lone Tree

We are Drs. Almeida & Bell DDS of Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry. We have been practicing dentistry since 1977. During that time we have seen hundreds of teeth saved by this effective dental procedure. Root canal therapy at Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry in Lone Tree has a very high success rate.