The Five Stages of a Cavity

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You may have heard that once tooth enamel is eroded, it’s gone forever. This is partially true, but in the earliest stage of enamel erosion, a cavity can be reversed. Reverse a cavity before it needs a filling If you can prevent cavities in pre-teens, there’s a better chance that their teeth can stay healthy […]

Dental Care For ICU Patients Lowers Infection Risk

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Hi, I’m Drs. Adam Almeida of Almeida & Bell General, Cosmetic & Sedation Dentistry. Today’s post focuses on an article that appeared recently on The article describes a study of Brazilian ICU patients that compared infection rates of those who received enhanced oral care instead of routine oral care. The patients who received the […]

Does Your Child Have An Overbite?

Treating Bite Problems in Lone Tree

Malocclusions (bite problems) include overbites, underbites and crossbites. Jaw alignment disorders restrict proper chewing, talking, and swallowing. They can also cause teeth to shift around in the mouth. Almeida & Bell Dental Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree CO patients with bite problems are at a greater risk for tooth decay and periodontal […]

Protect Your Smile!

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A smile can reflect a good heart and your best intentions. It’s one of your most valuable assets, and at Almeida & Bell Dental Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree we remind you to do whatever you can to protect it. We’ve drawn up a list of five things you should always keep […]