Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

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Dental Cleanings During Pregnancy If you are pregnant, your oral health may be the last thing on your mind. However, many Lone Tree women experience an increase in dental problems during pregnancy. This article contains important information for expectant Lone Tree mothers and those planning to become pregnant.

Cosmetic dentists Drs. Almeida & Bell recommend having a thorough dental cleaning early in your pregnancy. Lying in a dentist’s chair can be uncomfortable during the last trimester. A professional cleaning performed by one of the skilled dental hygienists at Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center, along with diligent brushing and flossing, helps prevent gum problems that are often triggered by hormonal changes. The American Dental Association has found a positive correlation between periodontal disease and preterm deliveries and low birth weight.

If you are currently pregnant and have sore, swollen or bleeding gums, schedule an appointment today by calling 303-858-9000. Once the baby is here, it will probably be harder for you to make time for a visit to the dentist.

If you receive cosmetic dental services at Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center during your pregnancy, be sure to inform Drs. Almeida & Bell that you are expecting. This will affect decisions about X-rays, pain relievers, antibiotics, and conscious sedation.

Hormonal changes cause an increase in plaque production which can lead to decay. If you are eating many small meals during the day, take care to brush after eating. If you avoid sweet snacks, your teeth will be less likely to develop cavities.

Remember, your oral care, nutrition and lifestyle affect your baby. It is essential that you eat a healthy diet with a variety of foods. A poor diet can harm your baby’s tooth and bone development. Be sure to get enough calcium, iron, vitamins A, D and C, protein, and phosphorus. Your Lone Tree Ob/Gyn can give you specific recommendations for your age, height, weight and medical conditions.

At Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center, we take special care of our clients who are expecting.