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Are you or a family member anxious about going to the dentist? Has a past experience with pain or discomfort made you panic when you think about having your teeth worked on? Sedation dentistry from Almeida & Bell in Lone Tree might be just what you need.

If your past or current situation is causing a lot of apprehension, there are options available to calm your fear and reduce (or completely eliminate) your pain with the required procedures. Sedation dentistry has helped countless people get through dental treatment.

We offer IVsedation, among the safest and most effective forms available. As its name implies, it is administered intravenously, most often through the top of your hand. Because the sedative goes directly into your bloodstream it takes effect quickly.

IV sedation is sometimes confused with general anesthesia. They are two completely different things. With IV sedation you stay awake through your entire procedure, and are even able to answer simple questions we ask.

You won’t really know what’s going on around you, though.  And you probably won’t remember any of it later on. When it’s over you’ll still be really groggy, and will need someone to drive you home.

Sedation dentistry from Almeida & Bell General, Cosmetic and Sedation Dentistry has helped countless patients get through their procedures. Call our office in Lone Tree to set up an appointment today.

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