Need An Implant? Nervous About Oral Surgery?

Nervous about tooth implant surgery

Interested in implants? But worried about seeing the dentist?

We get it.

Here’s a plan to help you.

Talk to us.

Call now to schedule a consultation. If you’re nervous about implant surgery, remember Drs. Adam Almeida has been helping patients get through the procedure since 1977.

Let’s discuss sedation options.

Placing an implant requires oral surgery. Don’t let the word “surgery” frighten you. At Almeida & Bell Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry, an implant procedure is as routine as filling a cavity. But we understand that the procedure isn’t routine for you. We have several levels of sedation available. You won’t feel pain.

Understand our commitment to our patients.

Every patient is important. We give you the careful attention you deserve. We value patient satisfaction as highly as superior implant dentistry.

Get an estimate of the cost.

Paying for treatment might be the scariest thing about getting an implant! Almeida & Bell Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry offers competitive pricing and budget-friendly financing options. We serve your friends and neighbors in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, and Denver. We look forward to serving you at a reasonable cost, as well. (Remember, never choose an implant dentist by price alone. It’s a very important investment in your health and quality of life.)

Go Forward with Confidence.

Once you get to know us, you’ll forget you were nervous in the first place. And we believe you’ll walk out the door smiling.

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