Want a White Smile? Steer Clear of These Foods

Most all of us would like to have a whiter smile—those pearly whites that we can flash at others as a warm greeting.

But it can be challenging to get the white teeth you’re looking for, sometimes requiring either OTC or in-office teeth whitening services. But what if you’ve had your teeth whitened and want to keep them sparkly?

You’ll want to steer clear of foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. Not sure what those are? Read on as we take a look at a few teeth-stainers.

Teeth Stainer: Tea

This one you might actually know already! Tea, whether it’s a cold glass of iced tea or a mug full of hot tea, is a known teeth-staining culprit.

That’s because it contains what’s known as “tannin,” a yellowish or brownish substance found in plant tissues. Tannins can be used to dye leather and fabric, so it’s no wonder they can also stain your teeth.

Love tea? Drink from a straw, which will deposit the tea at the back of your mouth, largely bypassing your teeth.

Teeth Stainer: Sports Drinks

Yes, another drink! In this case, these electrolyte-filled beverages are also often very sugary and acidic.

Over time, that can lead to enamel damage, which leaves your teeth more sensitive to stains.

Teeth Stainer: Fruits & Berries

On this one, we are not going to tell to steer clear of these foods. That’s because they’re packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

What you should do, though, since they can stain teeth, is to gently rinse your mouth out with water shortly after eating these brightly colored fruits. You can also choose paler fruits, such as white grapes, that are less likely to leave behind a stain.

Teeth Stainer: Pasta Sauce

If you think about this one for a minute, it’ll probably make sense. Have you ever gotten tomato-based sauce on your clothes? That’s one stain that’s hard to get out!

Now consider that tomato sauces have a similar stain quality when it comes to your teeth. In fact, they have the trifecta when it comes to staining—they’re acidic, they’re brightly colored and they tend to stick to the teeth.

What’s your best defense here? Combine tomatoes and tomato sauce with foods like broccoli and spinach, which can help protect your teeth from stains.

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