Protecting Your Lone Tree Athlete’s Teeth

Protecting Your Lone Tree Athlete's Teeth Do you have a son or daughter that plays Lone Tree youth sports? Soccer, baseball, football, basketball and gymnastics can be very dangerous to your child’s teeth. Football is a violent contact sport, yet there is a relatively low rate of tooth injuries that occur in football as compared to other contact sports. Why? Football players are required to wear a mouth guard and a helmet.

Inexpensive athletic dental mouth guards are worth their weight in gold!

If your child participates in a contact sport in Lone Tree CO and does not currently wear a tooth protection device, you may want to purchase an appropriately-sized mouth guard. They are available at most Highlands Ranch and Littleton athletic supply stores.

At Almeida & Bell Cosmetic Dentistry in Lone Tree CO, we care about your child’s health and safety. To discuss your child’s dental condition or to learn more about sports-related tooth injury prevention, call us at 303-858-9000. We have been keeping Denver smiles healthy since 1977. Our child-friendly staff pampers our youngest Highlands Ranch dental patients. Let us show you why we are not an ordinary Lone Tree dental practice.

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