Top 5 Dos And Don’ts of Oral Health

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Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by. Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center wants to offer you some easy hints when caring for your teeth. 1. Do… remember you are just wiping the plaque away before it turns to tartar. A gentle toothbrushing at the correct angle can gently wipe the bacteria away. […]

Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry IQ, Highlands Ranch

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Are you up on the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by your Greenwood Village, Denver, or Littleton dentist? Take our quiz and find out! 1. This popular treatment uses a dental composite that resembles enamel. This composite is applied to the surface of the teeth, sculpted, and then hardened and polished. A. Veneers B. Flossing […]

Why Do Lone Tree Dentists Like Potatoes?

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The reason dentists like potatoes is because they are so “filling,” ba-dum ching. Lame joke, I know. But seriously, the wiser our patients in Littleton and Highlands Ranch are about what they eat, the easier it will be to care for their dear old teeth. It doesn’t have to be potatoes, but the mouth does […]

Let That Winning Smile Shine In Lone Tree, Colorado

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Grappling with yellowed, discolored, stained, or even multi-colored teeth in the Lone Tree area? Teeth whitening might be the answer. Such irregularities are usually simple to repair, reverse, or bypass and with few exceptions are a smart smile makeover move! Everyone in Lone Tree wants a winning smile. Call for a consultation today! 303-858-9000 A Brighter, […]

Modern Dentistry With No Oxen Hooves In Lone Tree

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Modern Dentistry With No Oxen Hooves In Denver

Hi, we are Drs. Almeida & Bell. Along with our team at Almeida & Bell Aesthetic Dental Center, we have been providing excellent dental care for our patients in Colorado since 1977. One of the essential habits of good oral health is daily tooth brushing with an effective toothpaste. There is a wide variety of toothpastes […]

Missing Pieces in the Mouth Puzzle for Denver

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A 500-piece Eiffel Tower puzzle is still easy to recognize with 32 pieces missing. A 50-piece kitten puzzle will probably still give warm fuzzies without 3 or 4 pieces in place. But, A 32-piece dental puzzle is just not complete without ALL of the pieces. If you’re missing teeth, cutting your mouth on chipped edges […]