When Wayward Teeth Take A Crooked Path

At Almeida & Bell Dental Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree CO, we help treat malocclusion with orthodontic options. But, what does the word mean? Malocclusion is simply dental-speak for crooked teeth.

When you consider all the different ways a 3D object can be positioned, it is not surprising that malocclusion presents itself in multiple forms. The number of configurations may surprise you! Our team has put together a handy list below.

  • Upper Protrusion: When teeth slant forward. You may have heard this condition referred to as “buck teeth.”
  • Overbite: This occurs when the upper front teeth come down too far over the lower teeth
  • Underbite: The reverse condition – the upper front teeth close farther back than the lower front teeth.
  • Open Bite: This condition refers to a bite wherein the upper set of teeth doesn’t fully connect and overlap the lower teeth. This can be present on the whole bite, or just one one side.
  • Tooth Rotation: One of the most frequent forms of malocclusion, rotated teeth look torqued; like they’ve spun out of place. Tooth rotation can create the illusion of uneven coloring because of the way light reflects off the face and exposed sides of teeth.
  • Cross Bite: This happens when the upper and lower palate are misaligned to the point that the upper teeth close onto the wrong side of the lower teeth.
  • Transposition: The rarest of these conditions, this consists of new teeth erupting in spots where other teeth should be. For example, a canine – a pointed tooth – can come in where an incisor should be. This can cause stress and discomfort in patients. Can you imagine trying to chew if your teeth have been playing musical chairs?

Most of these conditions can be treated with orthodontic and cosmetic options. By far our most successful treatment is the application of Invisalign® clear braces. These clear appliances can be removed for eating and drinking, and are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Almeida & Bell Dental Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree CO wants all our patients to have the straightest, most consistent smile possible. Patients from Highlands Ranch, Denver, and Littleton also come to us for other cosmetic dentistry options. Contact us today!

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